Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Process....

So while I am waiting to get the website going. I thought it might be a good idea to document the process of a custom wedding gown.
So first things first! The sketch; we'll meet one on one and the bride brings in photos of dress elements she likes. For instance; we will combine a sleeve off one dress, to the bodice of another and use the skirt shape from another. This way the bride gets all the elements she loves in one gown.

Here is the sketch of my next project! Each fitting I have with the bride I will post pictures so you can see the process start to finish!

Angela is getting married in May and was inspired by a blush Anne Barge gown. While I am willing to include some elements and ideas from another designer, I will never fully knock off another designer's work.
What Angela loved most about the gown was the pin tuck and pleat details, so what we decided to do, to create the same old world feel was to use a corset base. I suggested a raglan style sleeve to help keep the soft feminine feel Angela was attracted to.
The one detail Angela was dead set on carrying over was the pointed three layered pleat in front. (Which is the only element from the gown we are carrying over) Angela wanted more pleats so we are adding some on the cuff of the sleeve.

Who doesn't like a little bling? I'm so excited to apply rhinestone trim along the dropped waist and rhinestone buttons down the back and on the slit of the sleeve.

The skirt will be a full gathered ball gown skirt with a soft layer of blush english net over the blush silk dupioni. Angela's other dead-set detail...pockets!

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