Monday, February 13, 2012

Angela's First Fitting

I got to have my first fitting with Angela saturday. She is the bride who I am documenting the custom design process. I hope it will be an insite to those looking to have a custom gown made; It's quite the process and when you want something truly unique, it's worth it. I took about a million measurements of Angela. And to my pleasure I found her measurements were almost the same size as my dress form! Yay! I found the style of corset top she wanted was easier to drape, than to draft a pattern. I use cotton muslin to drape and a special tape to map out my design lines. I then transfer it to paper and make a pattern.
I then cut out the pattern in muslin and this becomes my mock-up. This is where I start taking in the excess, by pinning and shaping the mock-up to Angela's body. I use my pin markings to transfer any adjustments to my pattern. This seams like a lot of extra work. But it is worth it as it saves me from having to waste any fabric
Re-shaping the neckline. We also shortened her sleeves a good deal. They will now hit right above the elbow.
After working on her skirt pattern this week, I decided I hated my frist draft of it. So the day before her fitting I re-designed it. Here I'm showing her the new drape of her skirt. Since I re-did it, I didn't get a chance to finish it before the fitting. It's now more of vintage full ball-gown skirt, much better from the funny A-line one I had earlier. Both of us are now very happy with it!

Angela's fabric also came in this last week. It is the most beautiful shade of peachy pink. I'm so excited to use it!

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