Saturday, February 25, 2012

Angela's Second Fitting

In getting ready for her fitting, I first (after cutting out my pattern) flat line the silk to the coutil ( a fancy fabric to help control shape in corset work) This is done by pinning and sewing each section one at a time.
I then get to pin all my corset panels together and sew them up!
Next I control all my seams by using a herringbone stitch (all done by hand) to help make the seams lie flat. This is very important, as it prevents any seams from folding funny or moving. You'll find it is only done in couture work and not much in ready to wear gowns.

I didn't get to taking any pictures of her in the gown this fitting. (I did make an effort to pull out my camera though!) But we didn't have to make many adjustments to the fit. Just an adjustment on the shape of the sleeve. I've also pinned out where I am doing to place the decorative pleats.

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