Friday, February 12, 2010

Team Stacey and Mary win!

So I entered this contest with school (SLCC Fashion Institute) and a Utah based fashion magazine; Utah Styleliste. It was based off the hit show Project Runway. We had to construct a garment with in less than twenty-four hours. We started at 10 am Thursday and was allowed a $50 budget at Yellow Bird fabrics ( the best high end store we have here for fabrics..check it out its on 33rd S. and 2828 E. beautiful designer fabrics!) and a half and hour to design something. We teamed up with other students as well.

When we went to Yellow Bird they had us line up outside like on Project Runway and book into the store when the host said "GO!" and we had to act stressed like they do on Project Runways, although most of us got there before the host and had a chance to pick out what we wanted. Stacey my team member and I found some beautiful silk chiffon to use.
Oh and we had to be inspired by Haiti because it was for an art benefit where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the relief fund.

I was real impressed how well we were able to work together and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other and the other designers in the competition although it really wasn't as cut throat as Project Runway, since we were helping each other out and chatting and ordered pizza from The Pie. It was more like one big late night sewing party. We were able to use the school until 10pm and then had finish at home, Stacey and I finally made it to bed at 2:30 am because the top we designed was really complex and took all our time at the school.
So here are some of the pictures of our WINNING design and the other's teams work.
I wanted to explain the reason why we did what we did.

We were given pictures from Haiti to get our brains designing and the top of the dress is layers of pieces of knit each sewn on individually and this represents the layers of rubble from the buildings. The Haitian flag has a saying similar to In unity there is strength and the braid represents that. We then chose the fabric for the skirt because if you look closely you can see the blown up butterfly wings. We liked the bright colors and meant it to show that Haiti can re-build to something more beautiful. I loved how Stacey picked out the poka-dot fabric to use underneath to give more texture and design, we put a layer of black under to help make the colors pop.