Friday, August 24, 2012

New featured gown!

Meet Grace.
Once again photographed by the Amazing Zuzanna Audette. One of Utah's finest fashion photographers. This was from a shoot we did together last November.

This was the dress (well the bodice at least) I did over and over again, while sewing for Art Meets Fashion. I had this vision in my head, I knew the fabrics and feel I wanted. Nothing I was doing or trying was working. The first try, the draping was too bulky. The second looked like a bad prom dress from the 50s. Yes, I wanted a vintage feel, but not for it too look like it literally walked out of a retro shop. So I tore it apart again, after spending a whole evening beading it.

I was totally happy with the skirt, the color of the silk dupioni was right and the  english net over lay with chevron ruffles turned out perfect, but that dratted bodice! I was racking my brain for something. Then while driving home one night, there was an amazing sunset. The sky was exactly the same color of blue I had ordered in, but around where the sun was starting to set, there was that beautiful peach color, soft and fresh. I knew right then what I was going to do.

Lucky for me Yellow Bird fabrics had just enough of that dreamy peach 4ply silk crepe to make a 1950's batwing blouse.

This is one of my favorite, favorite pieces I did for AMF. It was that surprise gown I didn't expect to create. I love when that happens!

I also love when I let someone else style my designs. It helps me think outside my box and give it a fresh new look. Which is what I did with D'Arcy last month. She gave the grace gown a sweet new 1920's inspired look and I have to say, I'm in love and you can see the results HERE on her blog.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here is my latest project! A small collection of 1920's style head pieces...or head pieces to be that is. Local photographer D'Arcy Benincosa ordered these fun pieces for an upcoming bridal fashion shoot of hers. 

I've recently done a few collaborations with D'Arcy and I was so impressed by her work. I hired her to come photography my family and document the bundle of little boy joy that joined our house in June. I got to see a sneak peak of his baby session. I. Am. So. Darn. Excited to see the rest of them!! I love her soft journalistic approach to photography, she has a knack for catching such amazing expressions on her subjects. 

With the release of The Great Gatsby coming up, other  popular late 19-teen's, and 1920's period films, T.V. specials and series. I'm noticing a lot more bridal trends from this era, like soft flow-y chiffon dresses, romantic curly up-do's with sparkling head wraps, floral fascinators and hair-pins.

First ( bottom centered) we were inspired by Daisy's jeweled head piece from Baz's upcoming version of The Great Gatsby. I used a beaded, rhinestone trim for the sides and hand beaded the large center medallion  Copying the flower design in the trim and adding the dangle piece that will sit aside mid-forehead. 

She also wanted a floral piece ( middle left) to be able to wrap into a romantic hair do and could also be worn like 1920's flapper headpiece. It's made out of silk dupioni in blush and ivory silk organza. The center of the flowers are hand beaded in Swarovski crystal and sequins. 

The lace piece to the right of the blush floral piece, was not finished in this picture. Later I hand beaded silver, clear beads and rhinestone gems to give it some sparkle. 

And lastly the white silk organza floral piece at the very top sits a top a full fingertip length veil. Which will be attached to a traditional 1920's Juliet bridal cap. I'm still working on this one, the shaping of it is taking much longer than I expected. 

I had a lot of fun making these head pieces, I've forgotten how much I love millinery work. I can't wait to see the results of the up coming shoot! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back in Action and Angela's bridals (finally!)

So I promise I've had a really good excuse for being absent from my blog for almost two months. We welcomed an adorable little boy into our life, born June 19th. We are pleased as punch and adjusting very well, so well in fact; I'm re-opening my studio sooner than expected for fall/winter weddings with limited contracts. Book now!

For months I have been promising to post pictures of my featured bride Angela (process of making a wedding dress) and her bridals in her blush dupioni wedding gown. Photography by Jessica Janae Photography. 
Prepare to be wowed. Angela made one stunning bride. I got to go to her reception, it was so fun to see her rock her dress in her own back yard. (which is AMAZING) Tables decor'd in white, tangerine and lime with hints of yellow. A yummy dessert bar, help-your-self take home candy bar and THE BEST chocolate wedding cake I have ever had, decorated in ruffled silver fondant.
Her hair and make-up was done by Allure Imaging. I'm in love with her up-do, so romantic!

 Each seam is top stitched in metallic silver thread. The bodice and sleeve feature pleated details.

 You can't really see it in this picture, but her back seam has rhinestone buttons down the back.

               The skirt is over-layed in a dreamy blush english netting, I love how it softens the dupioni.

                                                           Pockets are awesome.
This dress was so much fun to make and Angela was a dream to work with.