Friday, November 11, 2011

Latest Project!

This lovely vintage gown, is my latest up-cycle project.

My bride, is geting married in December and still wanted to incorporate her Mother's wedding dress into her wedding, with out compromising her wearing her dream dress. So I'm taking apart the top of the dress to make a rehearsal dinner jump suit. We are making a corset out of the lace and the rest of the outfit, will be made from a gorgeous cut of Sari fabric from India. A lovely pink/red and blue ombre piece with a neat gold trim along the edges. My bride purchased the fabric on a trip to India.

I love projects like these....I get to create something so meaningful to so many people in one family.

Many girls wonder, "what can I do with my dress after the wedding?" There are many options...first if you know you want to save your gown in whole. Get it professionally preserved. Many local bridal stores and cleaners offer this service. Your gown is removed of stains, oils, and food spots and preserved in a box, if left un-opened is usually guaranteed for about 20 years!

Other up-cycle projects, I have done for past brides are blessing/christening gowns made from the skirt of your dress. This works best, if your gown is a ball gown with a full skirt. A lot of times, there is enough fabric to make more than one dress. Or a baby gown and enough fabric to make a top to a child's dress for a baptism/1st communion dress.

I had one bride, give me the skirt of her gown (it was a 2 pc. dress) I made a blessing gown from the skirt and she put the bodice into a shadow box along with other memorabilia from her wedding day.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New product at LBD!

I just sent this adorable dress off to North Carolina! So excited to see her wedding pics!

This is a new product, I am now offering at Lily Bride Designs! Custom sketches of your wedding gown for wall hangings! I can sketch a croquis (french for fashion sketches) of you ready-to-wear gown or custom gown! If you have had your gown made (preferably through us;) bring in some scraps and I can include that in your piece. There is also a place for you to add a bridal photo of you in your dress!

ready-to-wear gowns and gowns made outside of LBD: $75
Gowns made by LBD: $50