Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AMF Pictures!

I'm still waiting on the disc of pictures, that the designers from AMF are to receive. But in the meantime. I've gotten a chance to see some work, done by Ethan Killian. And I have to say, I'm very impressed! Check out his shots of the whole runway on AMF 2011 and my gowns start on pg. 8. You can see my opening piece, the blush two piece with the off the shoulder feather detail, in the bottom right corner.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The ONE pictures I have from AMF

I thought I'd get the chance to take more pictures, but things were so crazy backstage! I only got this one shot, this is the second half of my collection.

But do not fear!

Pictures are starting to show up on FaceBook, I will get pictures as soon as I can to post more.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Last night was THE day! The show went wonderful! We had wonderful hair and make-up provided by Landis Salon, the look was very red carpet and Hollywood. I do have a few pictures and promise to post soon!

I'm so grateful for the experience and want to thank (a)peture marketing, for inviting me to participate. It really pushed me and I love all the new gowns that have come from this! I'm doing a photo shoot with the photographer, who did all the media shots for this event! I am very excited!! I love love all the picture, that she took. Her name is Zuzanna Audette and she is hands down amazing!

If you're visiting me in relation to last night's event and want to keep up with me and my work look for me on FaceBook under Lily Bride Designs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Things Utah!

Well, the feature went great today! I wanted to post the link to ABC 4's video of the feature, we did for AMF today. :D Enjoy!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Intentions

I had really good intentions to get to bed before 12:30. Nope. Didn't happen! I may hate my self tomorrow, when I have to get up early. But this post is staying up worthy as.....


Just a wee bit excited...I know.

But this means, I have one top to make and minor finishing details left to do. So, the top is for tomorrow and two zippers to fix. And then, a helper on Tuesday, to knock out the lining hems (these would of been done as each dress was made, but I JUST got my surger back from being 5 weeks in the shop...)

THEN....the other good news is; I will be featured on Good Things Utah, Wednesday around 9am. So be sure to tune in and get a sneak peek at, some of the new gowns that will be featured at AMF, this Saturday!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It has come to my attention, that in the post on Salt Lake/Park City Bride and Groom's blog. That part of the post says, I have designed costumes for Ballet West, in the time that I worked for them.

I would absolutely love to say this is true. It's not. While I did get to work, directly with the shop's head; David Heuvel. I never did design any costumes for the productions that were produced while I was there.

I learned so much in the almost three years, I worked there. I loved seeing David create this absolutely amazing costumes, out of materials that were so unusual. He has an amazing eye for color and patterns. I'm so grateful for my experience there and all that I learned. I must credit my attention to the movement of, how fabrics flow with a particular design or how it will move on a body, to my experience there.

I left the shop on very good terms, and would be saddened if any of this mishap caused any misunderstandings. I also did, a read back on all my interview materials, to make sure there wasn't a misprint on my end.

Friday, October 7, 2011's officially crunch time!

Down to the wire...and all that jazz..

And I am SO excited! Now all the fun stuff is happening in regards to being in a fashion show, like features!!! I'm thrilled to post a feature on Salt Lake/Park City Bride and Groom's blog.

Click HERE to be linked to the blog.

I was lucky enough to also be mentioned in the post below my feature. Cool huh?

Anyways, enjoy! Also this next week I will be featured on Good Things Utah! Along with fellow designer Danni Nappi. I'll post details, so you'll be able to tune in and get a sneak peek of some of my new gowns...