Friday, August 24, 2012

New featured gown!

Meet Grace.
Once again photographed by the Amazing Zuzanna Audette. One of Utah's finest fashion photographers. This was from a shoot we did together last November.

This was the dress (well the bodice at least) I did over and over again, while sewing for Art Meets Fashion. I had this vision in my head, I knew the fabrics and feel I wanted. Nothing I was doing or trying was working. The first try, the draping was too bulky. The second looked like a bad prom dress from the 50s. Yes, I wanted a vintage feel, but not for it too look like it literally walked out of a retro shop. So I tore it apart again, after spending a whole evening beading it.

I was totally happy with the skirt, the color of the silk dupioni was right and the  english net over lay with chevron ruffles turned out perfect, but that dratted bodice! I was racking my brain for something. Then while driving home one night, there was an amazing sunset. The sky was exactly the same color of blue I had ordered in, but around where the sun was starting to set, there was that beautiful peach color, soft and fresh. I knew right then what I was going to do.

Lucky for me Yellow Bird fabrics had just enough of that dreamy peach 4ply silk crepe to make a 1950's batwing blouse.

This is one of my favorite, favorite pieces I did for AMF. It was that surprise gown I didn't expect to create. I love when that happens!

I also love when I let someone else style my designs. It helps me think outside my box and give it a fresh new look. Which is what I did with D'Arcy last month. She gave the grace gown a sweet new 1920's inspired look and I have to say, I'm in love and you can see the results HERE on her blog.


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