Friday, January 25, 2013

The super sample sale and learning to let go....

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I've posted new photos in an Album called "Sample Sale". While it is not uncommon for designers and high end stores to offer samples sales. Where gowns used for fashion shows and floor samples are sold at a deeply discounted price. All to allow room for new beautiful things.

This is will be Lily Bride's first sample sale. Exciting!

To me. Not so much.....

Here is why. I love these gowns, almost like my children. Ok, that is a bit weird. But seriously, I've poured so much time and effort into creating these gowns. I've seen them grow from a simple fashion sketch, to selecting the perfect fabrics, carefully cut out each pattern piece with care, draped, sewed, pinned, beaded and pressed each creation into a beautiful piece of work. In a way it is like giving birth, just not with all the extreme pain. Yes, there is pain, sweat and tears in both processes. So maybe that is why I am so darn attached to each of these.

I love what they mean to me, to see my growth in each of these gowns. To know how far I've come from my first days of designing, to know what I learned from making it. I love hearing, seeing and watching people's responses to each of the gowns. And of course there is pride in knowing I created something people love, to know I made it, is a really, really addicting high.

But I've discovered the downer to this addicting drug. Clinging to these beautiful gowns for only sentimental reasons; I feel, is KILLING any new creativity wanting to escape. I've constantly surrounded my self with all I need to be inspired for a new collection and have had several ideas, directions I want to go. But there is a blockage: my past collections. While I know they are beautiful and have been well received. I have shown them almost everywhere fashion related here in SLC, it is time to move on and put them up for sale. Give them a new life and hopefully bring someone extreme happiness on a very special day.

One could say there is a tiny amount of fear in letting these gowns go. What if I can't create something as good as it? What if I get asked to show samples and could of used those gowns? What if a photographer, stylist, client wants to see or use the gowns? What if? What if???

Well, Miss Mary.... It is time to focus on the what if's that would happen if you DO sell the gowns.
What if you are able to make those new gowns that you sketched out, that were able to get through your designer's block?
What if you sold one of the past gowns to a client who continued to book custom work with you?
What if you were able to sell all the gowns and use it for a L.A. trip AND fabric?
What if letting go made you grow into that designer you know you are, the one you can feel deep down inside....What if it broke that designer's block?.....What if it unleashed a new collection that led to new and exciting things?

So many positives What if's that bring me to the realization and thought it is is time to let go and bring in the new. So if you know anyone in the market, please share the facebook link. Let's see where this takes Lily Bride Designs! I'm ready!

I had to write to let this out, and while you may have gotten more than you had bargained for in reading this post. I needed to know if by chance you fellow designer, artist, writer, sculptor and fellow creators of any sort. How you learn to let go of your creation "babies" to allow the wonderful new creativeness to flow in. What are your processes to let go?

I know this is a journey I will take many times as a designer, that I need to learn some of it on my own and how to calm my self down as I have mini panic attacks posting my gowns to KSL and FB for such screaming deals.

It is time to let go, to bring in the new....

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