Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So, I promised to share my exciting new project!
Some of it is still under-wraps, but I can at least share what I will be working on for the next year for my self. And it's going to take me a year to make it, as I have a lot of research and practicing to do!

There is a establishment here in Utah, that will be celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2014 with a 1914 themed COSTUME BALL!!!! I'm so excited. I've delved deep into the re-runs of Downton Abby for inspiration (also in prep for season 3 in January!!) There are a lot Lady Mary's gowns I'm liking, as well as Lady Edith's.

I've always wanted to make a historically accurate gown. And where this event is going to be held and the crowd attending will be the perfect excuse to make one. The gown I will be documenting will be for me, I will also be making others for people attending the event.

Here is the goal and what I plan to document:
*Research 1914 construction and embellishment techniques.
*Make correct historical undergarments
*Use above researched constructions and embellishment to construct the whole thing. Being as true to period as possible. Meaning if it was done by hand, I'm doing it by hand.
*Get my shoe-making sister to make my boots, period of course.
* Lose that last bit of baby boy weight left overs from delivery in June. If I putting all this work into making it, I want to make sure I look great in the gown!

Anyways looking forward to the whole process and what I will be learning!

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