Sunday, September 18, 2011


Aimee is a young photographer, who lives by me. I asked if she'd like some bridal photography practice and she was thrilled to do a shoot for me. She suggested taking the pictures at the Hindu Temple in Spanish Fork. I thought the location was perfect to feature my Greece inspired gowns.

You can find Aimee's work on facebook under aimsphotography. This is one bright photographer, who will take the fashion/art world by storm, very soon. She is very talented at such an age. She has already received national awards for her work..and I heard one of her photos will be a book cover! Congrats Aimee!

The day we picked happend to be perfectly sunny as we left, but as we arrived at the temple, it was a typical August rain dump storm. I was so worried, we'd wasted our time and would not be able to shoot. Thankfully, our Utah weather cleared up a bit and we had a rain free window of almost 2 hours. The storm also worked to our advantage, as you'll see in later shots. The wind blew the chiffon dresses around to make some amazing shots. And we were lucky enough to score on the fact, we were able to capture a beautiful storm sky in grayish blues and sunset colors thanks to the storm.
This beauty above just won Miss teen davis county (if my gossip is correct ;)

I was so lucky enough to use Wyatt who later rocked the runway at NY fashion week.
(Wyatt is booked through Echo Models)

I love these shots (above and below)

Afore mentioned amazing after storm sky

Wyatt totally rocked my Yvette dress..

I love love love these series of photos of my Jayne dress.

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