Sunday, May 20, 2012


Jeanette knows what she wants in life and that also goes for what she envisioned with her custom gown I made for her company's annual conference is Reno.
She had a vision of a white iridescent gown with a high dramatic ruffled collar and open neckline. We did an asymmetrical waistline that flowed into a slightly fit-n-flared A-line skirt. 
That stunning necklace of hers, is her trademark necklace. She has worn it to each of her conferences and  it graces her thank you post cards each year. I found rhinestone applique pieces to match the beautiful aura borealis stones. 

The iridescent fabric is a silk chiffon lurex, meaning the iridescent-ness of it is literally spray painted on to the silk chiffon. I have never worked with a fabric like that before and I ended up really liking it. I've been dreaming up some new cool creations of my own I'd love to make with it.
I kept telling people I felt like a fairy god-mother making the dress as some of the iridescent would rub off on my hands and clothes while I worked. I would sparkle like a Cullen vampire after emerging from my sewing room :) The effect was particularly cool if I was wearing black. Much of my equipment and sewing tools still sparkle even after being done with the dress almost a month now.

If someone were to ask me what is the best part of my job? First I'd say it's making someone one happy on a very special day and while this dress wasn't for a wedding; Jeanette called the gown "The wedding dress I never had" 
And second, I'd have to say it's the people I get to meet and work with. They can be so inspiring and Jeanette was so fun to get to know while I made her dress. She has a drive in life that I found very inspiring to continue to work hard at what I love and passionate about. 

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