Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dress we all have been waiting for!

I have to admit, I have been very excited to see the Royal wedding since all the speculation has been going on with who is the lucky designer. Of course I wanted it to be me ;)
but alas the name of Lily Bride Designs is still working it's way across the big pond. And I was ecstatic to learn she picked the house of Alexander McQueen, what a fabulous tribute to the label that so recently lost it's creative genius. Great job Sarah Burton!
Also I set the DVR to record the big event early, knowing I'd forget to do it right before bed. And of course I did something silly, like forgetting to turn the darn thing on. So what I have seen of the royal wedding is the snips and pieces of videos on news websites and YouTube. So in this post I will only be commenting on Kate's dress and her sister's.

Kate's dress: honestly, I'm in a love/dis-like relationship with the dress. I'm using dis-like as there is nothing I truly hate about the dress. It still is a very stunning gown.

I know she has gotten a lot of flack from the British public and tabloids about breaking rules, so I understand why she picked such a classic dress/style. I love the Grace Kelly feel to the gown but with its modern fit and construction. The lace was stunning and the train and bustle were amazing little details that I loved. The veil was a traditional silk tulle with the stunning hand made lace to match her dress, gracing the edges of the veil. I think the earrings were one of my favorite things from her bridal look, I love how they tied into her family crest with the oak leaves and acorns. Oh and how I wish my grandmother had a tiara like that for me to borrow.

The reason why I am disappointed in the dress as I felt as I had seen it before. And maybe I just need to see more than just the few clips I saw of it. But I wanted my first reaction to be picking my jaw off the floor. I was hoping she would just bend that traditional dress look a little more daringly. Go for a fit and flare silhouette or another style considered "edgy" for a royal wedding, but forgiving enough to still say in the Queen Mum's good graces, by covered shoulders of course, or with traditional laces or old world embellishments.

My Take
Here is the link to the article by INweekly fashion file writer Krista Neilsen. I was interviewed for my input earlier this year, when the internet was a buzz with other famous designer's takes and sketches of what they envisioned the princess-to-be walking the isle in.
I based my designs off of what other royals brides graced the isle with, but tried to add unexpected details I so wanted to see on her dress.

Then later.....(see picture above)
She removed the lace overlay and added the cropped creamy sweater and rhinestone belt. I loved this look, it felt so much more kate to me, maybe it was because it was the reception and things were winding down. Can't say the same for the house coat Camilla mis-took for a acceptable party dress.

Phillippa (pippa)
LOVED this dress, very youthful, perfect for spring and a beautiful style on her. A lucky family to have been blessed with two equally stunning women. Take her dress, add a tiara, train, veil and little lace and beading and that is very close to what I saw Kate wearing.

Predicted trends
Lace of the more delicate type will make a quick re-appearance, something I'm excited for, I love love love and adore these laces. I see satins stunning wedding guests again, moving away from the flowing chiffon gowns that have been popular for a while. Brides are going to be requesting bodices with the same moulded-like fit and construction of Kate's dress. And of course fuller skirts, longer trains and veils.
I think brides will also take to the royal bride's smaller bouquet and opt for the romance of picking buds according to the language of flowers, with each flower meaning something special as Kate did.

All in all, it was fun to see all the excitement over today's big event. I loved the tradition of the procession, the carriages, guards, and crazy hats.

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